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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy's, pain-relieving effects have been called the energy medicine of the future. This biofeedback technology has been around for decades but has been gaining attention recently.

PEMF Therapist in Albuquerque

All energy is electromagnetic in nature. When your cells are sick, they lose energy. PEMF oxygenates, alkalizes and builds up energy within the cells, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the cells mitochondria.

The results are less pain, reduction in swelling, and increased range of motion in affected areas. This is created by the flow of electrically charged ions in and out of the cells, and the transmission of electric impulses through cell membranes.

Regular tuning-up of our cells is not only feasible, but necessary to slow aging and to reduce the risk of cell dysfunction. By restoring the body’s natural energy through PEMF therapy, cellular metabolism is boosted, blood cells are regenerated, circulation is improved, and oxygen carrying capacity is increased. 

Having healthy cells is not a passive process. When the electromagnetic activity of the body ceases, life ceases. PEMFs address impaired chemistry and thus the function of cells, which in turn improves health. PEMF therapy has been used extensively for many conditions and medical disciplines with excellent results. Research has proven neurological, physiological and psychological benefits and PEMF is approved by the FDA. Therapeutic PEMFs are specifically designed to positively support cellular energy resulting in better cellular health and function. The treatments are completely safe with absolutely no side effects, however pulsed electromagnetic energy is contraindicated for individuals who have a pacemaker.

PEMF has been used to heal bone fractures, treat psychological disorders like depression, reduce swelling and pain, promote blood circulation, and stimulate the immune system.

PEMF therapy regenerates damaged and diseased tissue, and repairs torn tendons and fractured bones by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries. It also reduces edema, and the pain associated with lack of sufficient oxygen.


This amazing device taps into the body’s cellular communication pathways and stimulates its innate capacity to heal itself.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in ABQ

The incredible ONDAMED® SYSTEM (based on biophysics) is fine-tuned to recognize a body’s specific frequency needs. When a program match occurs, a vascular autonomic signal is triggered through the pulse — an indication that the particular frequency or program is needed by the body. The ONDAMED® then sends the exact healing frequencies to the body to stimulate healing. The system works to clear meridian blockages, and bring physical and emotional well-being into balance.

Every ONDAMED® session is unique for each patient, and is independent of prior sessions. In view of the absolute dynamism of the human body, it is an in-the-moment interaction between system and patient.

The positive physiologic benefits of the ONDAMED® system, which incorporates Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, are well documented.

As has been proven for the past 14 years, the ONDAMED® Biofeedback System makes any current treatment protocol work faster and more effectively, or can stand alone. And because ONDAMED® has no negative side effects whatsoever, it can be of benefit to anyone at any time! Just as breathing in fresh air or drinking fresh water never fails to refresh and to rejuvenate, so is the effect of an ONDAMED® session!

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