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Vampire Breast Lift

Vampire Breast Lift

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, but you don’t want a traditional surgical breast lift? The Vampire Breast Lift® is a non-invasive treatment that can help you reach the aesthetic goals you’ve always wanted. It works by firming and lifting breast tissue to give you that extra perk and lift you may have lost due to pregnancy or age. At Enhanced Wellness of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM, we offer this treatment to our patients who want to improve the appearance of their breasts without using surgical means.

What is a Vampire Breast Lift?

If you have mild to moderate concerns about your breast appearance and want to avoid painful and time-consuming surgery, the Vampire Breast Lift® is a perfect solution. This treatment is entirely non-invasive and focuses on stimulating your own body’s regenerative powers to give your breasts the appearance of being fuller, firmer, and perkier, too.

If you’ve heard of the Vampire Facial®, this treatment is very similar, except it’s used on breast tissue instead of the face. One of the reasons why our patients love this treatment is because it’s simple, straightforward, completely painless, and takes under an hour from start to finish.

How Does This Treatment Work?

This treatment works by tapping into the body’s regenerative properties in your blood to enhance your breast appearance in a way that’s non-surgical, safe, and entirely natural. The plasma in your blood contains platelets, which have tremendous regenerative properties that can help promote new tissue and tissue regrowth. The treatment uses this platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, to harness those regenerative properties for your benefit. First, our treatment specialists will draw a small amount of your blood. Then, we use a cutting-edge centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the blood plasma. Once we separate the plasma, we inject it back into your breasts to enhance lift and tissue regeneration.

Why Do Breasts Become Less Firm As We Age?

As our bodies age, the amount of collagen we produce decreases. Unfortunately, this causes the skin to lose elasticity and become loose. As women age, their estrogen production also changes. This change negatively impacts the quality of the collagen that the body produces. Lower collagen production can cause breast tissue to become thin instead of feeling firm and supple.

How Does PRP Therapy Help Combat Aging?

Woman in lingerie.
PRP increases blood flow, stimulates tissue production and increases collagen, restoring your breasts so they look and feel firm, soft and supple.

There’s no avoiding the aging process, but using the right treatments and taking proper care of your body can help temporarily reverse the effects. PRP is one of those treatments, and it's an excellent choice for those who want to lift their breasts and rejuvenate soft tissue to create a perkier and more youthful appearance. The primary function of the PRP injection is to promote increased blood flow, stimulate new tissue production, and increase the amount of collagen produced by the body. Ultimately, this treatment restores the breasts so they look and feel like the perfect mix of firm, soft, and supple.

Does the Vampire Breast Lift Actually Work?

Many of our patients have been skeptical when first hearing about this treatment, but we turn skeptics into believers here at Enhanced Wellness of New Mexico. This treatment is highly effective at lifting the breasts and making them appear much more aesthetically pleasing. It’s no surprise that most women don’t know about this treatment since most assume that the only option is undergoing a painful, invasive breast lift surgery. So, if you’re unhappy with the appearance and lift of your breasts, but you love the size, this treatment is the perfect solution. It can also be used to reduce wrinkles, correct sagging skin, and smooth out cleavage.

Vampire vs. Traditional

While both the Vampire and traditional treatments are designed to attain similar goals, they ultimately have many differences. A traditional breast lift involves invasive surgery that also requires a lengthy recovery time and is very expensive. A Vampire Breast Lift® is non-invasive, provides quick and natural results, and requires almost no downtime whatsoever.

Traditional Procedure

A traditional breast lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin around the breasts and may also consist of small implants to create an artificially firm feel. While a traditional lift is completely safe and many women choose to undergo this surgery, there is the risk of scarring on the breasts since the procedure involves cutting into the breast tissue. If you choose a traditional breast lift, expect to spend several weeks recovering, which means abstaining from work and other activities, as well.

Vampire Treatment

Instead of painful surgery, the Vampire Breast Lift® is entirely non-invasive yet can still achieve similar results in appearance without the invasive procedure or lengthy downtime. In fact, the process is extremely safe and very simple, too. And, many patients love the fact that there is no scarring from the treatment and that they can get right back to work and their everyday routine.

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

A Vampire Breast Lift® is an excellent choice for those who love the size of their breasts but want to enhance their firmness and overall aesthetic appearance. However, this treatment may not be a good fit for every patient. The most important criterion is that you have a mild to moderate laxity in your breast tissue, as extremely severe cases usually require surgical intervention.

Suitable candidates include:

Women Who Aren’t Worried About Size

This treatment is designed to lift and enhance the firmness and fullness of your breasts, but it doesn't address size. If you’re happy with the size of your breasts as they are, this treatment is a great choice. However, if you’re looking to increase the size of your breasts, you might want to consider other treatment options or procedures.

Healthy Adults with No Serious Medical Conditions

The Vampire Breast Lift® is ideal for women who are healthy adults. Unfortunately, if you have significant health conditions or you’re a breast cancer survivor, you may not be a suitable candidate. However, during your initial consultation, we will discuss your options and the best treatment options to achieve the goals you want. It’s also not a good option for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding because the hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy actually change breast tissue. However, it’s the perfect way to get some lift and perkiness back after you’re finished breastfeeding, which can cause major changes to your breasts.

Women Who Want a Non-Invasive Treatment

Many of our patients choose this Vampire Breast Lift® because it’s entirely non-invasive, particularly compared to traditional breast lift surgery. Though breast lift surgery is very effective, it also has some downsides. It’s painful, can cause scarring, and also takes several weeks of recovery. Many women simply can’t afford to take the time off work or simply prefer a non-invasive treatment alternative, which is why this treatment is a perfect choice.

Women Who Want Natural-Looking Results

While it used to be difficult to achieve natural-looking results with a breast lift or other treatment, technology has since come a long way. Many women look for other options than traditional implants to enhance their breasts because the results are not always natural. The treatment technique in a Vampire Breast Lift® allows for completely natural-looking results while maximizing enhancement.

What Can You Expect from this Treatment?

Another reason why the Vampire Breast Lift® is such a popular choice at Enhanced Wellness of New Mexico is that it’s quick, virtually painless, and very simple. It takes less than an hour, and there are no significant preparations or aftercare that need to take place.

Initial Consultation and Prep

The first step in the Vampire Breast Lift® process is to attend an initial consultation with our aesthetic experts. This is so we can determine if you’re a suitable candidate and assess the condition of your breasts to develop a customized treatment plan based on your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, we'd be happy to answer them. The only prep you’ll need to take is avoiding blood thinners for at least two weeks before your treatment.

Vampire Breast Lift® Aftercare

One of the best parts of this treatment is that there’s virtually no recovery process or down time whatsoever. You can get right back to daily life after your session, including exercising. The only considerations to worry about are post-treatment hygiene practices and the best position for sleeping during the first few days after your treatment.

When Will You See Results?

You can expect to see results from this treatment very quickly. Compared to a traditional breast lift, you can expect to see results shortly after your first session. The results come from harnessing the growth factors in your platelets, which help stimulate natural tissue regeneration. This gradually improves the firmness, elasticity, and smoothness of your breasts. Most of our patients see significant results in the first two to four weeks, and then final results after about seven weeks. Another good part of this treatment is that it lasts for almost two years.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today and Live Your Best Life

If you want to achieve some lift and perkiness to your breasts, the Vampire Breast Lift® is a wonderful option. The non-invasive technique uses your body’s own regenerative properties to lift, enhance, and smooth your breasts without resorting to surgery. It provides immediate results to help you achieve the aesthetic goals you’ve always wanted.

Contact us here at Enhanced Wellness of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM, today to schedule your initial consultation or to learn more about the treatment options we offer.

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