Biological Allografts

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Biological Allografts

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly evolving field that focuses on repairing or regenerating human tissue to restore or establish normal function.  This approach aims to treat a variety of health concerns by addressing the root cause, rather than just managing symptoms.

The most innovative of these therapeutic approaches utilizes biological allografts, naturally designed to repair and regenerate damaged tissue, healing the body from the inside out.

Biological Allografts characteristics:

Anti-inflammatory cytokines
The most abundant source of regenerative growth factors and proteins
Direct cell to cell communication of regenerative & healing signals

who benefits from Biological Allografts?

People who have joint issues or immune system compromises will benefit most from this therapy. Biological Allografts are a flowable allograft matrix, rich in growth factors and cytokines, used to stimulate your body’s regenerative capabilities. We combine them with ozone and PRP, enhancing the growth factor potential. This treatment reduces inflammation and stimulates your body to regenerate.

the science behind Biological Allografts?

Perinatal Biological Allografts are a flowable allograft matrix rich in anti-inflammatory cytokines, cell signaling molecules, growth factors and various extracellular matrix components such as collagen, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid. 

The tissue type from which isolates are derived has a significant impact on their behavior. The natural purpose of the placenta is to support the growth of tissue development.

Tailored specifically to the individual patient in targeted regenerative joint injections, biological allografts leverage the natural healing potential of the body, resulting in less pain, and an accelerated healing process.

Therapeutic applications
of Biological Allografts

Ongoing research and clinical studies have found biological allografts can benefit the following conditions:



Heart Disease

Autoimmune Disorders


Pulmonary Disease


Long Covid

Non-Invasive Alternative

A non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures, offering an opportunity to avoid potential risks and long recovery periods.

Backed by Research

Injection treatments are backed by extensive research and are with-in safety and ethical standards, providing confidence in treatment choice.

Personalized Treatment

Tailored to each patient's unique needs and health conditions, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Reduced Recovery Time

Often results in shorter recovery times, as they seamlessly integrate with the patient's own tissues, promoting quicker healing and restoration of function.

Sourcing and Processing


Enhanced Wellness only uses biological allografts derived from bio-ethically donated human birth tissue from healthy consenting mothers in the United States who have passed a comprehensive medical background check, blood screenings, and have full-term, live, C-section births.  Tissue procurement organizations are within the United States, and utilize collection techniques that follow the AATB guidelines, prioritizing the health and safety of the mother and baby above procurement. 

The processing of all birth tissue adheres to minimal manipulation guidelines when handling HCT/Ps to ensure their classification as 361 HCT/Ps.  In the context of structural tissue, minimal manipulation signifies that the HCT/P processing does not modify the fundamental attributes of the tissue that are essential for its suitability in procedures involving reconstruction, repair, or replacement.  The inherent attributes of structural tissues typically encompass the qualities within the donor's tissue that play a role in its function or functions.


Functional & Regenerative Medicine Approach

Our Functional and Regenerative Medicine approach focuses on the comprehensive healing and restoration of normal function to tissues, organs, and overall bodily systems affected by illness or degeneration. This holistic method is grounded in harnessing the body's innate healing capabilities, and understanding the interconnectedness of its systems. Your treatment journey begins with an in-depth health assessment that takes into account genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Our therapies may encompass intravenous infusions, bioidentical hormones, and biologics containing growth factors, aiming to foster tissue regeneration and combat illness at its source. Additionally, we advocate for nutritional adjustments, supplements, and lifestyle changes that enhance the body's natural ability to heal. This personalized approach addresses the root causes of illness, promoting long-term wellness and improved quality of life.