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TheraLight 360+

Light for a Healthier Life

TheraLight 360+, the newest innovation from Aspen Laser, ranks as the most powerful light bed in the world!  With an irradiance of 165mW/cm2, it is 65% more powerful than its predecessor, the TheraLight 360. 

Featuring a spacious and unique HD 360° light exposure design, and boasting 45,000 LEDs, the TheraLight 360+ is Aspen Laser’s most advanced Photobiomodulation System.   TheraLight 360+ is a unique multi-wavelength LED system that combines 4 optimal therapeutic wavelengths for comprehensive tissue reach and maximum results.  The 360+ provides unparalleled treatment efficacy.  Start your journey to full body wellness!

How does TheraLight work?

TheraLight 360+ uses specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light, readily absorbed by chromophores in the body's mitochondria, to stimulate cellular energy and accelerate healing. This not only boosts overall wellness but also fights against oxidative stress, supporting improved skin elasticity, muscle performance, and a host of other health benefits.

the science behind TheraLight

The science behind TheraLight revolves around Photobiomodulation (PBM), a cutting-edge technique that uses specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light. These wavelengths are absorbed by chromophores within the mitochondria of cells. This absorption stimulates cellular energy production, promotes healing, and combats oxidative stress. It's a natural, non-invasive method of promoting overall wellness and combating various health issues.

Combat oxidative stress

TheraLight 360+ combats oxidative stress, preventing cellular damage and disease

Accelerated healing

Photobiomodulation Therapy stimulates cell repair, reducing inflammation and pain for faster healing.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

TheraLight 360+ improves recovery time, endurance, and strength for increased athletic performance.

Overall Wellness Promotion

This non-invasive therapy supports improved skin elasticity and muscle performance for enhanced overall wellness.


Aesthetics Procedures

Our approach to aesthetics is founded on the integration of natural therapies, encompassing lymphatic compression massage, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), biologics, cryotherapy, and electromagnetic stimulation. We offer a non-invasive path towards beauty and wellness, emphasizing the body's innate regenerative powers. Our holistic method not only yields more natural and enduring results but also harmonizes external beauty with internal health. Our range of treatments are designed to enhance skin quality, improve circulation, stimulate collagen synthesis, and refine muscle tone. This approach is particularly appealing to those who value sustainable, health-oriented beauty solutions.